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the right time, the right place and the right people to see how Paswal leads the industry pattern?

dayssocial law

's national building energy-saving standards are bound to rise by 100 billion yuan. Urbanization is irreversible. China's urbanization process increases by 0.5 billion square meters every year, with a total industry output value of more than 300 billion. Compared with developed European countries, the penetration rate of high-performance doors and windows is as high as 85%, and China is less than 2%. The market is nearly blank. Experts predict that with the improvement of national energy-saving standards, high-performance doors and windows will account for more than 1/3 the domestic market in the next 10 years, the growth rate of the industry is over 40%, and the high-performance system doors and windows represented by Pasworth have a very broad market prospect.

locationconsumption upgrade

housing prices continue to rise, high-quality decoration has gradually become a rigid demand. With the development of the household real estate industry and the advancement of urbanization, hundreds of millions of rural populations have been transformed into urban populations. With the expansion of urban scale, the middle class will inevitably become the mainstream. Their expectations for doors and windows are getting higher and higher, and mid-to-high-end system doors and windows have gradually become a rigid demand for this group.

and peopleconsumption psychology

door and window industry is about to end. mute cases, energy-saving and environment-friendly high-end doors and windows have won the hearts of the people. low-grade doors and windows are of poor quality and have no standard for installation, which are very easy to cause potential safety hazards such as falling from high altitude, glass breakage and house theft, making consumers laborious and expensive. With the 8090 has gradually become the backbone of market consumption, more cost-effective, more quiet and safe, energy-saving and environmentally friendly high-performance doors and windows, more and more favored by consumers.


1 agree with PASSIVE brand management philosophy, with building materials home brand management experience

2 with high-end brand management thinking, with strong economic strength

3 has a local high-end store brand franchise store, the brand operation has a strong cognitive and executive ability

4 has a certain industry resources, with strong market development capabilities

5 good business reputation, no bad credit record

JOIN PROCESS joining process

1 Understand the requirements for joining PASSIVE and choose the joining city.

2 Contact PASSIVE, interview about joining matters, and apply for joining.

3 PASSIVE Headquarters personnel conduct on-site inspections

4 Cooperation agreement signed, reached cooperation

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