a professional and efficient service team to explain the product in detail, lead users to obtain real experience in immersive scenes, and answer the questions asked by users with a serious and responsible attitude.



on sale


provide design drawings and product configuration solutions, and customize reasonable, high-quality and feasible life solutions according to customer needs. Intimate and meticulous quotation, the whole process of communication by a person.



more professional.

intimate nanny service system. 400 free service hotline, Tmall, Jingdong after-sales, Wangwang customer service can timely, complete and accurate response to the needs of end consumers.

PASSIVE High Performance System  windows and doors
Committed to the global high-end users to provide complete sound insulation  windows and doors, curtain walls, sun room product application solutions and product manufacturing, after-sales service;
Committed to achieving sustainable cooperation with the world's leading door and window industry suppliers, and continue to promote the growth of China's door and window industry technology capabilities;
Committed to establishing a standardized cooperation mechanism with distribution partners in China to provide convenient product experience and services for consumers in China;
We are committed to improving the living environment and contributing to the construction of a low-carbon and energy-saving building society.

PASSIVE  Service Centre