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China and Germany reached strategic cooperation on behalf of the brand in the research and development of innovative technology for high-performance system doors and windows; jointly exchange technology and research and development, innovation and production, aiming to provide global consumers with more low-carbon, environmentally friendly and energy-saving building doors and windows solutions.

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Germany, was founded in 1948 in Ulm, Germany. After more than 70 years of development, WICONA has applied for 176 doors and windows technology. The development history of Wickner is the development history of German doors and windows innovation. Wickner door and window system in Europe has been the architect's word of mouth with advanced technology, developers and users of Wickner. Beijing Paswo System Doors and Windows Co., Ltd., as WICONA's partner and brand agent, joins hands with the brand to provide every user with high-quality German doors and windows products and create a quality life for the family.

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PASSIVE for the market has a keen insight and forward-looking vision, always believe that good products can have a big market. PASSIVE brand has always been adhering to the concept of quality consolidation, innovation and far-reaching, with the original intention of being responsible for customers, responsible for the industry, and making contributions to the society, accurately understanding product performance and customer needs, brand strength has attracted many dealers to join, and the service scope There are more than 260 brand stores all over the country. PASSIVE adhere to precise market positioning and brand building, cooperate with system partners, regional operation management, etc. to promote and expand, improve the market share and brand influence of products, and always serve users with professional, systematic and high-performance original intention, and sincerely cooperate in order to achieve mutual benefit and win-win results.