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China and Germany reached strategic cooperation on behalf of the brand in the research and development of innovative technology for high-performance system doors and windows; jointly exchange technology and research and development, innovation and production, aiming to provide global consumers with more low-carbon, environmentally friendly and energy-saving building doors and windows solutions.


Germany, was founded in 1948 in Ulm, Germany.

WICONA has been praised by architects for its advanced technology in Europe, and developers and users also admire Wickner.

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Paswo (PASSIVE) system doors and windows began in 2000, after years of painstaking research and development in 2009 in Beijing, the capital of China was founded. Paswo always adheres to the core concept of "professionalism, system, and high performance", focusing on the R & D and production of building materials such as high-performance system doors and windows, passive doors and windows, curtain walls, and sun rooms. After years of development, Paswo has now formed a complete product system. Many series such as narrow borders have been sought after by many architectural design masters and interior design masters, and have become the main product in their design works. Paswo is committed to providing high-performance system doors and windows products to global consumers, improving the living environment and advocating low-carbon energy saving.

Paswo's new advertising film is released, explaining the true meaning behind the "system door and window customization expert" from a comprehensive perspective. The system door and window customizer is an industry expert who develops a professional system and uses the system to realize customization to meet all the needs of users for doors and windows. It is a pioneer in the world, with passive door and window standards as the core, bringing users and the world's efficient and energy-saving environment. It is a practitioner who understands the inner needs of users, opens the communication world and closes the quiet time. It is to lead the future and use intelligent scientific and technological means, make life more convenient way of life; It is also the mission person who carries safety and brings peace of mind and trouble-free life with the characteristics of constant preparation. Paswo system doors and windows custom home, with more than 20 years of deep plowing doors and windows in the field of professional, for you to customize a satisfactory home.

spirit of enterprise: quality solid innovation far

brand concept: leading the era of high performance doors and windows

product concept: building home microclimate solutions

corporate vision: the pursuit of performance windows and doors ultimate experience to build the future of green new habitat

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