doors and windows are a little more clever and much less painful at home.







Pasvo-Redefine Doors and Windows




Qian Zhongshu wrote in "The Window": The window opens up the gap between nature and people, and brings the wind and the sun in, so that part of the spring is also closed in the room, so that we can sit and enjoy without going outside. look.

windows serve as a bridge between home space and natural scenery, guarding the safety and comfort of the family.will be creative ingenuity into the window design, so that exquisite windows become the highlight of the space.


embraces nature to open up vitality every day


doors and windows are not uniform in size and shape,

it is very important to choose the doors and windows suitable for the design style.

use windows to make the space more three-dimensional and become a visual highlight,

with the beautiful scenery outside the window, who wouldn't praise it.

many Paswo window style, system combination and high compatibility,

a variety of products for users to choose from.

natural light source brings healthy energy to the body and mind, and is an important element of daily life.

No matter what kind of window is the form and style, we must try our best to let each room have natural light, to create a healthy and comfortable home environment.

// redefine doors and windows


varies from person to person, putting fit first


pick a new house location,

consider whether there is sufficient sunshineand irradiation orientation.

everyone has a different schedule,

the position of the window should also be matched in the appropriate position.

, for example, if you're a late-comer,

certainly don't want the sun to shine in early in the morning.

with the change of climate and season, considering the change of cold and hot temperature, we can also use the appropriate window position to make the home more comfortable and warm.



redefine doors and windows


local conditions to solve the needs of each space


according to the style and size of the room to choose the right window,

can add a lot of color to the overall effect of home improvement.

high ceilings and large areas

can be matched with highly prominent windows to create a high-level sense of being large but not empty.

In addition, spaces such as the atrium and foyer can be cleverly designed with multiple layers of windows to highlight the layering.

room can use a relatively low height window sill or floor-to-ceiling window,

makes the space feel wider through sunlight, attracting light into the room and enjoying the beautiful scenery.

Passworth can customize personalized door and window solutions for each family. Some window types can be customized with ultra-high and super-large sizes, with panoramic view without obstruction and wider vision.

floor-to-ceiling windows

sit with the view


the floor-to-ceiling windows that connect from the ceiling to the floor incorporate beautiful scenery, you can enjoy the charming scenery like paintings in the morning, and it is also a pleasure to watch the gorgeous city lights from the top floor window at night.

can first know which direction has the best scenery, then select a window, enlarge it, and introduce pleasing and suitable scenery into the room.




commonly known as the "fifth wall" of the ceiling in the design planning, more easily ignored by the fact, the skylight has the dual advantages of providing more privacy and penetrating natural light, which is a good solution for the lack of light space.

skylights can also be part of the style design, using different materials to create a different atmosphere.


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