Happiness Warms Up Once to Fix Family Doors and Windows Needs (Part I)





redefine doors and windows

for home, we always have a lot of vision

is just a simple little nest, also want to show exquisite beauty

must not only be "good to live", but also "good to look"

home has its own character and function

still worrying about how to choose the right doors and windows for each space when decorating?

take a look today.





balcony, an extension of the interior space

home lighting, ventilation, and a good view of the space

family to relax

as a place close to nature in the residence

balcony is to introduce plenty of natural light to the home.




redefine doors and windows

can use the Paswo doors and windows,create large balcony with floor-to-ceiling windows, the oversized glass brings transparent vision and excellent lighting, creating a transparent and bright home atmosphere.

allows the entire balcony and interior space to be bathed in warm sunlight, and the vision extends infinitely with the glass,is unbounded inside and outside.

is large

living room


with the small family living space is becoming more and more common

living room is too small has been a persistent problem

how to make the living room more significant in a limited living area?


redefine doors and windows

more use of glass partition to make indoor more transparent is a wise move.

looming perspective and glass partition processing, can greatly increase the visual extension, will not let people only stare at the eyes of the small space.

glass partition, indoor sliding doors, indoor windows, etc. can play a transparent lighting, and relatively independent space effect.

Passwall products through a very narrow frame design, reduce visual barriers, to achieve the effect of magnifying space, visual experience more transparent;

full of metallic luster aluminum alloy lines, very light luxury;

large area of glass style to create indoor lighting rich transparent light,brings romance to ordinary life.




kitchen is a multi oil and smoke environment

is also one of the most cluttered spaces in your home

need extra care in the choice of doors and windows


redefine doors and windows



the kitchen is wet and easy to breed bacteria, adequate ventilation and lighting can make the kitchen more clean and sanitary.

Paswo sliding window does not occupy the indoor space, it is convenient to open in daily use, can choose the opening position, free ventilation, and can also achieve good lighting effect.

in addition, many people like the open kitchen transparent, bright sense of space, but also afraid of Chinese fried fume is too big.

can try into the handkerchief sway folding doors, sliding doors, etc,find the ideal way to reconcile open and closed kitchens.

open and closed state can be achieved, save space at the same time, but also to connect the interaction between the family.

more function area with doors and windows

and look at the next breakdown

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have Yan and material. The aesthetic of doors and windows of this young people is really different.

Brings Light into the Room and Embraces the Healthy Life of Sunny Growth

light and shadow leap doors and windows to take you into the free world