you have Yan and material. The aesthetics of doors and windows of this generation of young people is really different.

"redefinedDoors and Windows"




young people of the new generation are now married,

has gradually become the main force of home decoration.

today's young people love life and understand life. They read more and understand more when decorating,

for home decoration aesthetic is also greatly improved,

, the standards and types of doors and windows for these young groups to choose are also very different from those in the past.

so now young people, like what kind of doors and windows design?

today we will take stock of young people's preferences and trends for doors and windows.


Minimalist Style


young people like freedom and eclectic, and their yearning for a high quality of life makes the minimalist wind very popular.

is not an ordinary big white wall, but extravagant but not complicated, simple but not simple,pay attention to is practical and comfortable, in the selection of material design more attention to quality and texture.

, many products of Paswo are adhering to the concept of simple design, which has become a typical representative of this trend.

advanced minimalist style, open design,Paswo doors and windows let space draw a clear line with mediocrity, exquisite and concise, contains unlimited fashion tension and sense of the future, the details reveal taste, reflecting the fast pace of modern life, simple and practical......


a sense of the future


cold feeling, plain and clean, unique temperament, make the whole space more natural and simple aura, showing the yearning of a new generation to pursue a simple and beautiful life.

metal elements, which have both personality and futurity, are loved and sought after by the younger generation.

creating a futuristic space with metal elements, the Paswal Narrow Edge series is the best choice.

No matter what kind of style of home decoration design, it can perfectly deduce a unique, unruly personality, enhance the sense of advanced home decoration.

modern minimalist lines neutralize the metal's tough temperament and enhance the sense of the future.

transparent large area of glass, panoramic view, so that the metal personality can be perfectly integrated in the exquisite space.


Multicolor Mashup


solid colors are favored in the home fashion world, but nowthose things and elements that can stimulate the enthusiasm of life, the collision and contrast of colors make people more refreshing and bring interesting visual enjoyment.

doors and windows should be in harmony with the style of the whole space, forming a sharp contrast with the strong color contrast, highlighting the sense of space chromatography.

abandon excessive novelty and glitz, so that the overall space is not too exaggerated.

Paswo system doors and windows have more than 20 color styles to choose from;

the use of dust-free surface sandblasting process to extend the durability of powder coating, conducive to the improvement of surface quality;

cooperate with the Swiss Golden Horse automatic spraying equipment to avoid quality defects that may be formed by human factors.




beautiful design will eventually return to the actual use of experience, the current pragmatism is also the trend of fashion home.

good-looking skin bag, after all, is not worth the rich connotation, so flashy home design will eventually be replaced by multi-functional home design.

because pragmatism returns to the people-oriented multi-functional design, it can provide a convenient and comfortable experience for life.

pay attention to the pragmatic home space, can be customized Paswo system doors and windows, to meet a wide range of functional requirements,is not only beautiful in appearance, but also has many practical functions such as sound insulation and noise reduction, heat insulation, waterproof and windproof, anti-theft and anti-mosquito.

eye-catching sense of design,

are all showing the exquisite design soul behind high-quality doors and windows.

Paswo One-stop Worry-Free Service,

tailored for you personalized high sense of home doors and windows.

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