to wake up the city a door and window to pick up the true meaning of life

redefine doors and windows


lived in the city for a long time, shuttled through the steel and concrete, and was hurriedly expelled,is overwhelming.

more and more people pursue a simple, natural life, like simple, relaxed home style.

for everyone, the home carries too many expectations. In addition to being a roof to shelter from the wind and rain, it is also a place for ideal life. Making the home more beautiful and more comfortable has gradually become the idea of every householder.

doors and windows as part of the building exterior and interior decoration, its structure, material texture, surface color and other appearance effects, the building facade of the aesthetic harmony and indoor environment of comfort and harmony plays a very important decorative role.


doors and windows, as an important part of home decoration, must also be on-line and able to support the surface.

might want to know.facade grid, let the doors and windows achieve better overall home effect.

the door and window grid design, it is necessary to fully understand the intention of the architect, including the opening form, the grid type, etc.

doors and windows should beand building facade, the partition on the same facade should be symmetrically distributed, and the horizontal and vertical lines should be unified.

Under the premise of meeting indoor ventilation requirements and ensuring the functions of doors and windowsDecrease Open.

on the premise of meeting the national door and window standards, building facade effect and architect's requirements,Optimize and adjust the grid form., and consider the daily use and cleaning maintenance of doors and windows.

as a whole follows "aligned" "consistent" "ordered".

alignment: all grid lines of the same elevation shall be aligned;

: the design style should be unified, the selected node structure should be unified, and the opening form should be unified as much as possible;

and orderly: changes should be coordinated with the overall style, should not only consider the function, do not consider the aesthetic effect.


Passwood's many products follow the"less is more" is to find a more correct relationship between the frame, the facade and the interior of the doors and windows.

blend simple and neat geometric lines, there is no superfluous decoration, high-level atmosphere, giving people a bright visual effect, outlining a smart and free indoor space, reflecting the modern and simple quality of life.

Panorama without occlusion, super-large field of view, the natural ecology is introduced into the interior, so that the interior and the exterior are integrated, even if you don't go out, you can take in the beautiful scenery outside the window.

work and reading tired, you can appreciate the natural sunshine by looking up, making your home full of leisure.

throughGlass with large light area, let the sunlight pour in to a large extent, bring a more transparent visual sense, fully reflect the simplicity and nature that modern people yearn for, while retaining the overall sense of space.


Paswo doors and windows convey an aesthetic idea and an attitude towards life.

products are designed to eliminate meaningless things, let the eyes break away from the messy things, refocus on life itself, and create a pure and simple home space without excess impurities.

redefine doors and windows


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multidimensional residential doors and windows to raise the ideal standard of living

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